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THIS GAME IS SOOO CREEPY! Nick seems like an.... alright guy I guess...


thanks so much for making a video! it means a lot!


I just stared into nicks soul i found a demon with in




Anyone else notice the vaguely humanoid shadow in nick's room? Is it possible that Nick either killed his brother or that his brother, who he only mentions once or twice in game, committed suicide and Nick's keeping the body around? Still a great (And creepy) game though. 5/7

thanks for the kind words!

you're avoiding half the question there nick boy

oh i thought it was rhetorical

Nick i broke the Game And found Your brothers dead body in the locked closet


my brother's not dead...

A very interesting game my friend! It made me feel very weird inside. We made a video together about my visit, don't you remember (:

thanks so much for making that video! my memory isnt as good as it once was : (

and thanks for your kind words!

nick is a swell dude!

thanks! you as well! so nice.

hi nick! this is a great game great job on markiplier playing it! you are a great game developer keep on finishing the game!

YAS Markiplier is my fave. One of them. I also love Jackepticeye and Pewdipie. I don't watch IHasCupquake as much anymore.

thanks so much! thats so nice of you to say!

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i took naps all over the place nick was very creeped out at just looking at me sleep on the couch and his bed. he was very kind and a very calm person i kept napping and he was fine

im not a huge fan of naps but im glad you got comfy!


i turned off every light in the house and took a shit in every toilet while nick stood in the counter. it was pretty chill. 10/10 would come over again.

LOL such a little rascal nick is.

great! cant wait to see you again!

Is there anything behind the locked doors? And if so, how do we open them?

just general closet stuff...


This game is dumb. I don't care haw many youtubers play this game and try to do a comedic bit on how it's creepily funny. It hints as if there is some hidden substance to the game when really it's just shallow. The ambiance and feel is there bet there's no payoff, making this game feel like the player wasted their time, and for a video game that's a bad thing. Nick, I'm sorry man, go out and buy some snacks, get some movies, and maybe store a few bodies in the locker to make your place a little more interesting, but for now I'm not coming back over.

you really think the ambiance and feel is there? thanks you so much for the kind words! <3<3<3

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Congrats on Markiplier playing your game!! :D I played it back in October with a friend, but I forgot to show you :) Thanks again for making this "unique" game :P

wow u lookm like u be have fun :)

thanks so much! im so grateful that you took the time to make a video of it! <3<3<3

Hi Nick! I'd love to come over, however it doesn't seem there's a download compatible for a Chromebook/Acer product? Any chance this might happen soon? Thank you!

hmmm...oh! actually, maybe, i could probably make a web version. ill get back to you

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This game was definitely an experience. It was interesting and it felt kind of like touring a friend's house. Although there was a feeling I couldn't shake, like something wasn't right. And no it wasn't the fact he didn't have pizza rolls, it was more the feeling, like I wasn't getting the whole story. More just scratching the surface. It was like a first visit to a friends house than a repeated event. Anyways great game, just next time, please no monotonous tone. It makes the whole "visit" uncomfortable.

thanks for your kind words! its so nice! i find the drone somewhat soothing but to each his own

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Hi, Nick! It was great coming over, especially when I danced with you, and even watched TV with you! You did have a nice house, I have to say. When I talked with you, though, you seemed a bit uncomfortable, so I hope I didn't make you feel that way, but It really was pleasant, I would love to come over again soon, or even meet your brother-er, sorry for the run-on.

thanks! i decorated it myself. i sometimes get uncomfortable, but its nothing you did. maybe you will meet him next time ; )


This was a creepy game, but I loved it! I watched my favourite shows on the television and I went to the bathroom. Nick waited outside. That's so nice of him :)

im so glad you enjoyed it! i would always give you privacy <3



thanks so much!

Do you want to be friends nick? <3

of course!

Sweet little nick, feeling all confused and scared. doesnt want to say anything and sitting in a long lasting silence, marry me nick. (Game is awkwardly amusing btw <3)

thanks! okay!


hmmm....i dunno, what are your interests?

Hey Nickk...... what was this exactly? You watched me poo for like... 10 minutes. also i think your front door is broken.... either that or you didn't want me to leave. I had to ALT+F4

well i never want any good thing to come to an end.... : (

Hi Nick!

I just finished playing your game, moreso, visiting you ... It was nice, I had a lot of great conversations with you and danced for a while, later we watched your favorite show. I shared many secrets with you lying on the upper bunk-bed, are we friends?

Hope to hear from you soon, hope to see you sooner


of course we are friends! i hope we hang out again soon!

Haha ooooppsss, I kinda, broke out of your house... Yeah... I went to the bathroom next to the kitchen, closed the door and WHOOPS there I go outside of your house, falling in the dark abyss... Here's what I mean -->

im jealous, i always wanted to go into the infinite abyss : (

D: Well all you have to do is slam the door in your face and the force will drag you into the infinite abyss. The force is strong with you Nickk, I know it :D

Hey, Nick pretty interesting time with ya' i came over layed on your couch and we had a fun little conversation next i did go in the kitchen to cook something but you didnt had anything next i did go upstairs and we watched your favorite tv show next i did go to the bathroom to take a bath and if you peeked i will have a bloody knife, a corpse and a house to sell, but you seem pretty cool so i hope you didn't finally i did go out of your house pretty funny time with you a-bye bye

great! i love tv and baths! i would always respect your privacy! <3 bye!

Yo, Nick. This game was pretty interesting... haha. It's a shame that the conversations didn't last long. You aura displayed warmth towards me, but I couldn't help but think you seemed uncomfortable around me. I hope you aren't hiding anything from me. I'll visit you next time so that we'll be more comfy around each-other... :D love, little dreams...


thanks! i always feel a little uncomfortable around people, but im glad you saw through that. i would never hide anything from my friends... <3<3<3

Omg, no problem! 😊 Maybe I can help you through your discomfort! ^^ Never hide anything huh? You seem like a mystery to me, and most people too. I can't wait to play the sequel btw!

It was wonderful staying at your house, Nick. Might I ask though, what is in that closet in your room you share with your brother?

thanks! im happy you came over!

hmmm....lemme check

nickk i know that you watching,I know that you are reading every comment.I KNOW that there is a dark secret about this game and i will uncover it!

: )

Hey nick, cool place. But what's behind that door in the bedroom you share with your brother?

thanks! just a closet.

Hi Nick, remember me? I'm sorry that I broke up with you. I want you back! I luv u <3

im so happy to hear you say that <3 <3 <3 i love u too

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This game is quite weird but its fun too! The mouse sensitivity is to damn fast tbh!

thanks so much for making a video of our time spent together! I had a lot of fun. The mouse sensitivity is fast because you need to always be on your toes when visiting, so little to see, so much time, wait, reverse that

okay Nickk what the hell is this? I just saw Mark play and it just felt way too wtf br

what the hell is what?


This was pretty fun but quite creepy lol :)


thanks so much for coming over and making a video! its so great! XD

id never be *intentionally* creepy : )


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Thanks Nick, you made my webcam freeze.

thank you so much for making a video! and I'm sorry about your webcam, we would never intentionally wish to hurt your private property : ( <3


I forgive you ;_;

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DOING SINK THINGS! | Please Come Over - YouTube

Well this was definitely an experience, I'll tell you that haha. Check out my video of what we did, I enjoyed our time together haha.

thank you so much for playing! and you made a video so i feel like i'm even more there! <3


Stood on the table and rummaged the closets.

Thought he was gonna kill me if I kept turning off the lights too. :P


thank you for playing and telling me what you did, I feel like i was there, watching you rummage through my closets. he would never kill you, we just want to be friends <3



thank you so much for playing? <3?


This was creepy lol but that is a good thing! I couldn't play it all the way through because the mouse was super sensitive, but wow lol


thank you so much for playing and commenting! it means a lot. and i'm sorry about the mouse sensitivity, i'll probably make it adjustable in the future <3

no you wont, you want it to be creep

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This was a cool game. You're a really creepy guy Nick :) I made a video of what we did together

thank you so much for playing! and you made a video! thank you! <3


i like this game. I just wish you had some food or toilet paper or maybe some clothes XD


thank you so much! me too, but i exceeded my budget : (




thanks so much for playing, it means a lot <3

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