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please come over, I really hope we can be friends.

when it's time to leave, please send me an email at 02.nickk@gmail.com and let me know what you did so I can feel like I was there. thanks! <3


Apparently the Mac version isn't currently working, so I'm gonna fix it within the next couple of hours, please come back and don't let this ruin a possible great friendship <3


everything should be good to go now, send me an email if it doesn't work for you. thank you kindly <3

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Published1 year ago
PlatformsWindows, Mac OS X
Tags3D, erotic, friends, hangout
Player countSingleplayer


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This game is quite weird but its fun too! The mouse sensitivity is to damn fast tbh!


thanks so much for making a video of our time spent together! I had a lot of fun. The mouse sensitivity is fast because you need to always be on your toes when visiting, so little to see, so much time, wait, reverse that


This was pretty fun but quite creepy lol :)


thanks so much for coming over and making a video! its so great! XD

id never be *intentionally* creepy : )


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Thanks Nick, you made my webcam freeze.

thank you so much for making a video! and I'm sorry about your webcam, we would never intentionally wish to hurt your private property : ( <3

I forgive you ;_;

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DOING SINK THINGS! | Please Come Over - YouTube

Well this was definitely an experience, I'll tell you that haha. Check out my video of what we did, I enjoyed our time together haha.

thank you so much for playing! and you made a video so i feel like i'm even more there! <3


Stood on the table and rummaged the closets.

Thought he was gonna kill me if I kept turning off the lights too. :P


thank you for playing and telling me what you did, I feel like i was there, watching you rummage through my closets. he would never kill you, we just want to be friends <3



thank you so much for playing? <3?


This was creepy lol but that is a good thing! I couldn't play it all the way through because the mouse was super sensitive, but wow lol


thank you so much for playing and commenting! it means a lot. and i'm sorry about the mouse sensitivity, i'll probably make it adjustable in the future <3

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This was a cool game. You're a really creepy guy Nick :) I made a video of what we did together

thank you so much for playing! and you made a video! thank you! <3


i like this game. I just wish you had some food or toilet paper or maybe some clothes XD


thank you so much! me too, but i exceeded my budget : (




thanks so much for playing, it means a lot <3