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please come over, I really hope we can be friends.

when it's time to leave, please send me an email at 02.nickk@gmail.com and let me know what you did so I can feel like I was there. thanks! <3


Apparently the Mac version isn't currently working, so I'm gonna fix it within the next couple of hours, please come back and don't let this ruin a possible great friendship <3


everything should be good to go now, send me an email if it doesn't work for you. thank you kindly <3

Update 1243027:

Hi, still responding to comments. I made a sort of sequel to this called things are looking up:




PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Tags3D, Erotic, friends, hangout


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I loved it nick :)

Hey nick! Hung out with a bit, it's a nice place you got. We even danced at the radio together, was lots of fun. I loved the game

Hey, uhm, Nickk? so, i think i was in the bathroom too long, because i came back out and i couldn't find you. you just disappeared. even when i went to the top floor, you didn't follow. Also, I loved this game! (prolly gonna draw fanart). Thanks for making!

Great game! I had lots of fun hanging out with nickk, he was very nice but he had no toilet paper. I would also like if nickk got some food. But other than that, 10/10, would nickk again.

hey! thanks for coming over! i also wished i had food and toilet paper ;-;

Loved this game

thanks so much appreciate it! <3


I watched Markiplier play this game. I was super unsettled but good gracious, it was interesting as heck. If I ever get the chance, I will definitely download this game and say hello.

its not letting e download

I want to play this game in Korean version. But that's not possible, is it, Nick?

I love the sense of mystery! It really stays with you for a long time.

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Okay, so this game gave me HUGE RED FLAGS. I thought Nick would stab me as soon as I turned my back! He's a chill dude though; awkward as all hell, but pretty chill. I just wanna know how he survives on ZERO FOOD IN HIS KITCHEN?! What's up with that? 

10/10 best unsettling experience ever

I liked this. I just wish you had food to feed me. What kind of host doesn't have food for their guests!? 

nickk@gmail.com  was it werid the whole time i wanted to get on the bed and do it with you nickk

I Had A Amazing Time With Mah Bestie Nick! Just, 1 Question, Whats in That Slightly Opened Closet?  Also 1 More Thing, I LOVE The Song On Your Radio, Did You make It?


nick do you wish to jiggle my buttox?

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This was an interesting visit , Nick, and i loved dancing with you too! Though there's something, someTHINGS i wondered about when i was looking around your house. Why do you have a VideoPlayer when you have no cds, or any videos? And why is there a horrifying sound that ME is hearing, or probably it's from the radio when i enter your house?....and nick....Why are you naked?

Please tell me, nick.

i agree very much with you and there is some thing why he have a oven and Microwave and a fridge and he doesn't have food

and i wish he can make more options

anyone agree?

Nick is CREEPY!


Dude. What were you thinking when you made this gaaaaaaammeee. I felt like every time i turned around nick would kill me;^; and that music in the background made it worse. Whyyyyyyy

Hey nick! I wanted to know what you used to make this game. Thanks!


I really thought Nick was going to murder me, so I did what any sane person would do. I left all the sinks on, shut off all the lights, locked him in his room, left the microwave and stove on, and left everything else on. Then left

Enjoy your flooded house

nick is so CREEPY!

I think it's the perfect game for the existentialist. Even though the appearances seem barren there is an endless stream of thoughts when playing. A thought provoking game.


I think it's the perfect game for the existentialist. Even though the appearances seem barren there is an endless stream of thoughts when playing. A thought provoking game.

Nick was so cool!

I recorded all the fun we had!

Thanks for having me over Nick.

What exactly were you thinking when making this game?


I hope you liked my thug life remix of your song, Nick.

after my first playtrough I tried to like hide but It wouldnt work .w.

I loved the game and Nikk, I might have a different version of your house, but your clone's room has a bug in the floor, but it was a good game and I am glad to be your friend.

This game is very strange and very bizarre but I love it. The ambient soundtrack and the unsettling atmosphere are perfect and help make the player feel very uncomfortable.

Watch my playthrough of the game here:

If you liked what you saw here, be sure to check out my channel and subscribe for MORE!

Link to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOV9fchBNTrCAzZpW...

This game made my head hurt....I can't tell if that was the intended effect but well done.

I quickly explored your house then proceeded to turn off all light sources because....reasons


Dear Nick,

I like to come to your house when you are sleeping. Sometimes you talk in your sleep, but I don't mind. You like it when I touch your face, but you never wake up. I think we can become good friends Nick. I would like to come over again.

I was gonna play the game but I'm very easily scared rip. I legit looked behind me and when I saw him I just quit the game hah. I watched Markiplier's lets play tho, and it looks really cool!


Nick I see you have some problems with the floor in the small room your (twin) "Brother" stands in.

You may want to get someone in to fix that for you.

Thanks again,



what exactly is wrong with the floor? Also, not my brother, it's my clone, as evidenced by the cloning machine in the basement

I seem to fall through it whenever I'm there; a basement? I may have an outdated version of your house

Deleted 4 years ago

thanks! It's a hot new band with an EP coming soon!

Deleted 4 years ago

I found this game kinda okay but nick was kinda creepy but I did find a door which was half open so what is nick really hiding? Maybe a dead body or something very scary -----> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uU2Nk6UDqnQ&feature=youtu.be

what are YOU really hiding? 🤔

He trapped me in bathrooms and corners. I tried to hide under the table

aint no place to hide in my happy home 😏

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This game was so strange and honestly Nick scared the crap out of me ... well ... in the beginning. I got used to his company after a while. Here is a video though if you want to check it out:

thanks for making a video! It's great! I feel like I'm there, always

I want to find out something anything that could have some kind of philosophical meaning in this interesting game its hidden somewhere you obviously know that Nick is terrifying you made him like that and this game has a terrifying feeling in the back Nick is following you unless you enter the bathroom (guess hes not completely perverted) and it's quite interesting you are hiding something inside this game but good,ay mate I hope you have a good day and I'll try to find any other things you make


thanks! I hope u find what ur looking for, play my new game, I'm told it's not bad

Oh my frieeeennddd, I had such a good and also weird time. It was fun actually, you know shaking our butts with music and taking a milk bath together... Actually I just needed some sugar for my coffee, and came to ask you for it. But somehow I felt like I gotta take my clothes off :D you looked so comfortable in that way and after I took mine off we had party :D That was crazzzyyyy

My favorite part is that your foot slipped in the bathroom and you fall back into bathtub. Omg that was hilarious... :'D

See you around buddy

Oh, By the way how old are you? I hope you are not older than me, It would be creepy.

(I have no idea what is wrong with my imagination lol)

love milk, love baths.

That depends on if ur older than 57

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