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please come over, I really hope we can be friends.

when it's time to leave, please send me an email at 02.nickk@gmail.com and let me know what you did so I can feel like I was there. thanks! <3


Apparently the Mac version isn't currently working, so I'm gonna fix it within the next couple of hours, please come back and don't let this ruin a possible great friendship <3


everything should be good to go now, send me an email if it doesn't work for you. thank you kindly <3

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Published352 days ago
PlatformsWindows, Mac OS X
Tags3D, erotic, friends, hangout
Player countSingleplayer


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Please Come Over_Winx86.zip 73 MB
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This was pretty fun but quite creepy lol :)


thanks so much for coming over and making a video! its so great! XD

id never be *intentionally* creepy : )


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Thanks Nick, you made my webcam freeze.

thank you so much for making a video! and I'm sorry about your webcam, we would never intentionally wish to hurt your private property : ( <3

I forgive you ;_;

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DOING SINK THINGS! | Please Come Over - YouTube

Well this was definitely an experience, I'll tell you that haha. Check out my video of what we did, I enjoyed our time together haha.

thank you so much for playing! and you made a video so i feel like i'm even more there! <3


Stood on the table and rummaged the closets.

Thought he was gonna kill me if I kept turning off the lights too. :P


thank you for playing and telling me what you did, I feel like i was there, watching you rummage through my closets. he would never kill you, we just want to be friends <3



thank you so much for playing? <3?


This was creepy lol but that is a good thing! I couldn't play it all the way through because the mouse was super sensitive, but wow lol


thank you so much for playing and commenting! it means a lot. and i'm sorry about the mouse sensitivity, i'll probably make it adjustable in the future <3

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This was a cool game. You're a really creepy guy Nick :) I made a video of what we did together

thank you so much for playing! and you made a video! thank you! <3


i like this game. I just wish you had some food or toilet paper or maybe some clothes XD


thank you so much! me too, but i exceeded my budget : (




thanks so much for playing, it means a lot <3